PPC Case Study

The brief

For over 30 years, Tube Tech International have been a world leader in heat transfer cleaning and inspection services. Tube Tech approached us because they were struggling to get enquiries outside of their usual returning customer base. And despite being an international company, they were having trouble being recognised for their services outside the UK.

How did we deliver?

Keyword research

In order to help Tube Tech to reach new customers, our team created a bespoke Pay Per Click (PPC) package for them to help target their ideal audiences.

We researched the key words and phrases that potential customers were using when searching on Google to find fouling removal companies. That research was used to inform the keywords used in each campaign. Top keywords that have generated leads for Tube Tech in the last 6 months include ‘heat exchanger cleaning’, ‘pipeline cleaning’ and ‘air cooled condenser’ – all terms that have directed customers who are already interested in these subjects onto Tube Tech’s website.

Building new landing pages

We developed a new landing page for each service Tube Tech had to offer, and different PPC ads were built to generate new enquiries and leads for those services. These separate ads made sure that customers were directed to the products that they were most interested in. For example, a customer who is looking for oil refinery cleaning services will not land on a page about cleaning an offshore oil rig. This allows every potential customer to be taken to the exact information that they are looking for, leading to a higher return on investment.

Launching the campaign

After Tube Tech signed off on their chosen keywords and landing pages, their PPC campaign was launched. They saw a lead increase of 110% in 24 months and a return on investment of 20%!

Tube Tech’s work targets the whole globe, so in order to help their work gain recognition overseas we used the PPC campaign to hone in on target locations. This meant new campaigns were created specifically to target the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

The landing pages created for Tube Tech’s services were tried and tested to make sure international user experience was paramount. Features such as text translation were incorporated in order to suit customers coming from the UK and internationally. This saved Tube Tech money and time creating multiple landing pages in diverse languages.

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Tube Tech

For over 30 years, Tube Tech International have been a world leader in heat transfer cleaning and inspection services.