Testimonial Video Case Study

The brief

Founded and co-owned by The Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton and Lord Alan Sugar, Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics strive to be the UK’s most innovative and trusted cosmetic clinics. Dr Leah Clinics approached Digital Pie to film new video content for their website including; video banners to showcase treatment procedures and as establishing shots of the clinic, meet the team interviews with the staff and a range of treatment procedure videos that included client testimonials.

How did we deliver?


We arranged three separate dates with the client to film at the clinic in Baker Street, London. A shoot schedule was created for each of the days and interview questions were also created to prompt staff members and clients during filming. The videos were to be non-scripted, so these questions cued a natural response and honest reactions which were vital in testimonial style interviews and genuine staff interviews.

On the day


Arriving at the Baker Street Clinic at 9:30am allowed the team half an hour for equipment set up before filming started. With an aim to create genuine 'before and after' videos of treatment, the first action of the day was to set up a preliminary client interview to capture initial reactions.

After the first interview was completed, we moved our set-up to the treatment room and captured B roll process shots of the clinician performing treatments. With the treatment only lasting around 10 minutes, it was important to use two camera angles at once to capture enough footage to showcase exactly how the treatment was performed. After they had enjoyed their treatment, the client was interviewed to capture their honest live reactions and generate a genuine response to the treatment they had just received. Following this process, five treatments were filmed throughout the course of a day.

After the treatments were completed, we held separate interviews with staff members to capture footage of employees talking about the perks of the job and a little bit about themselves.

Final product


After the shoots, all our footage was offloaded onto hard drives and sorted it into separate treatments and interviews for each video. Out of all the footage taken that day we rough-cut for outtakes and we put together an initial sequence using the best bits. Following sequence editing, a feedback session took place face-to-face with the client. This allowed us to give a much more personalised edit, with live tweaks to the footage.

During the meeting, we decided with the client that there was need for an additional video for marketing purposes, so we got back to work. Following a similar process to the treatment videos, we headed back to the clinic to get some more shots. For this marketing video, the client interview and treatment shots came first, followed by an interview with Leah to explain the process and finished on a client testimonial. In one last visit to the clinic, we gained some final footage of an Emsella Chair Treatment, and then sat down with the client for a feedback session in the afternoon.

At the end of this great project, we had created 5 treatment videos, 3 meet the team videos and one web banner to be used on Dr Leah’s new website. Our Emsella Chair Treatment video ended up in an article featured on the Daily Mail website, you can see it here.

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Founded and co-owned by The Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton and Lord Alan Sugar, Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics strive to be the UK’s most innovative and trusted cosmetic clinics.

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