Music Video Case Study

The brief

Function Republic are a band who perform at weddings, events and private functions. They needed an online presence in order to increase their bookings, and having a video to showcase their talents was the best way to do this. They wanted us to create a video showreel that showcased multiple songs in one video to allow potential clients to see and hear a variety of songs. This video would be used for marketing purposes on social media and their website to help get more bookings.

Function Republic already had a location in mind, the Espero Studio in Brick Lane, London. They were after a rustic look for the video so the brick wall backdrop and vintage props provided allowed us to complete the look they were after.

How did we deliver?


We filmed a full day with Function Republic at the Espero Studio. They had pre-recorded a track, which they mimed to, and we took 2/3 takes per song to ensure we could get multiple angles. The first take was filmed on a tripod and we used a fairly wide angle so the whole band was in shot, the other two takes were focused on close ups of each of the members. This allowed us to choose from more shots when it come to the edit. For these shots, we used shoulder rigs and gimbals, so the cameras were stable. We repeated the same process for the other songs Function Republic performed.

After the bands set list was filmed, we then went on to create a separate video for two members of the band which are an acoustic duo. The same process was followed for this take too; however less angles due to there only being two members now.


In the edit, we synced all takes with each song, we were able to choose between 3/4 shots for each which was a nice variety. We applied a natural looking colour-grade and added their logos and sent the finalised video to them.

Client Comment

Thank you so much for them!! The team are incredible, really great videos! Exactly what I wanted! Will be in touch regarding our next video.

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