Event Video Case Study

The brief

Springer Nature is an award for inspiring and innovative science. The aim of the awards, in partnership with The Estée Lauder Companies, is to celebrate and support the achievements of women in science, and of all those who work to encourage girls and young women to engage with STEM subjects and who work to support women to stay in STEM careers around the world.

Springer Nature approached Digital Pie after finding out they would be staging an award presentation event at a London school, as well as the Estee Lauder Corporation offices in Fitzroy Square, London. They wanted to have the event filmed from 10:30am until 8pm, filming the full awards show and interviews with the winners prior to the event.

How did we deliver?

We filmed at the Estee Lauder Office in Fitzroy Square. The shoot lasted from 10:30am to 8pm to ensure we covered all parts of the event and had time to interview the winners. Before the event started, we decided to interview the winners straight away as after the event it would be late. The interviews were structured so that the interviewees told their name, their job position and a bit about their educational background. They also explain how they help women in engineering and sciences and how they encourage children to explore sciences.

A lot of the footage shot was b-roll, this included attendees talking and laughing, as well as canape shots. Audio from the speeches overlaid the b-roll to establish the event settings rather than focusing on just the speaker alone. This gave a nice balance of the two and also shortened the video length.


After gathering the footage we needed, we started sorting it into interviews and main event footage. This allowed us to create a clear and concise plan for the main video. We started by going through the interviews, cutting out blips and keeping the most important aspects by piecing the footage together so that they made sense. As the highlight video was only to be a few minutes long, the interviews had to be cut down as much as they could. Sorting the footage first also meant that we had an idea of when to use certain interviews relevant to the b-roll we had filmed at the event.

We chose a fairly upbeat song to be the backing track of the video as it matched the positive tone of the video – awards supporting women in science and engineering roles.

Once we had a nice balance of interview scenes and b-roll, we added animated lower thirds which included the speakers / interviewee's name and their job position. The same fonts and colours were used to keep in line with Springer Nature’s brand guidelines.

Visit their website for more details on the event: https://www.nature.com/collections/jcpghfmqlz

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