Promo Video Case Study

The brief

When L’Occitane en Provence approached us for help producing a video to promote their new product, we were very excited. L’Occitane are an international best-selling retailer of body, face, fragrance and home products and they were looking to showcase their latest product, the Overnight Reset Serum.

L’Occitane were keen to create a genuine video using their own staff as the stars. They asked us to share how real women use the serum every day by highlighting several profiles of a variety of staff members including a mother, a woman in her 50s, and a shift worker among others. They needed something spontaneous, with laughter, light-heartedness and genuine reactions from those involved. The video was to be delivered on L’Occitane UK and Ireland’s Instagram - @loccitane_uk_ire – so needed to effectively represent the target audience of women aged 30+ from the UK and Ireland.

How did we deliver?


In order to fully embed ourselves in L’Occitane's vision we held several pre-production meetings. This helped us to establish the script, filming location, cast and overall aim for the final project, including how many videos and cuts were needed.

The brief from L’Occitane was to showcase different women from various households so it was important to pick a location that offered a diversity of settings. We discussed shooting in a studio but quickly came to realise that because of the number of different locations that would need to be shown, the set design changes wouldn’t be an efficient use of time. We instead suggested renting a large townhouse for the shoot instead, providing us with multiple rooms to film in.

The team visited a few locations and remarked on anything from noise pollution and accessibility, to whether the house was close to cafes and shops for crew and cast members. We needed a place that offered enough space and variety to film in as if we were in multiple locations. We ruled out one of the houses we viewed as it had the same wooden flooring throughout, which would have been hard to differentiate in varied shots. The final location chosen was close to Clapham Common, London, which offered the perfect balance of variety of décor, access to local outdoor space, and enough indoor space to make it comfortable for all cast and crew involved.

With our location sorted, the next challenge was the script. We moved through multiple drafts to ensure that the video would be on brand and exactly what L’Occitane was looking for – natural, genuine and light-hearted. L’Occitane sourced staff members for the video, asking them to send in audition videos saying the line ‘I reset when…’ and we chose the final five in accordance to the original brief.

With cast, location and script signed off – we were ready to shoot!

On the day


We only had one day to capture all the scenes and voice-overs needed for the video so we knew we would need to work to a strict shoot schedule. The team arrived on location at 8am for a full 12 hour day of filming.

A constant flow of action happened throughout the day to ensure each person had enough time for their scene. The team only had approximately one hour for each scene so strict time slots were assigned accordingly for makeup, hair and set up an hour before each scene was filmed. Working like a conveyor belt, whilst one cast member was filmed in one room, another cast member was arriving for hair and make-up. In the meantime another cast member would be recording their voice-over, and the producer would be dressing the next scene in another room. It was a hectic day, but with every member of the crew doing their part we all went home tired but happy with the day's work.

Final product


Back at the office, all our footage was collected into one place to ensure it was safe and ready to be rough-cut. We began by picking out favourite takes from each scene. We needed to strike a balance between the cast member’s busy lives and their time to unwind and relax, highlighting L'Occitane's new product in the process.

After the appropriate shots had been selected for the sequence, we structured the footage alongside the cast voiceovers and timed it to music. Once a rough structure of the video was in place, a draft was sent to L'Occitane for initial thoughts and feedback. The first video draft used one song throughout, which we found made it hard to differentiate the two areas of life, from busy to relaxed. We suggested using two distinctive tracks in order to support the message of the video more effectively.

Once L'Occitane were satisfied with the new audio choices, the final stage of the edit could begin. We colour graded the footage and edited out reflections of lights and cameras in mirrors and masking in phone screens. We created branded L'Occitane title screens with the tag line “How do you reset?” This completed the final sequence and allowed us to start working on alternative cuts, such as behind the scenes, teasers and 15 second Instagram stories.

Watch the final cut

Behind the scenes

Client Comment

'We worked on a video project with Digital Pie and we are truly pleased with the results. Indeed, they totally understood what we had in mind and the way we wanted to promote our product in the video. The team was really flexible and full of insights to help us in coming up with the perfect script/video. We had loads of fun on the shoot day and they managed every detail! They were really accommodating on the timelines and worked quite fast. Overall the video looks really good and we will look into working again with them if we have another video project!'

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